Data Recovery Services

How valuable is your data to you?

For many companies their data is the most valuable item they have. It includes their CRM system, bookkeeping, and tax information. The man hours required to recreate this data is staggering to think about!

The first step to protecting your data is a full backup. Unfortunately many people learn this lesson the hard way. If you have a full, recent copy of your data the quickest and most cost effective solution is often a recovery from the backup.

If you don’t have a backup, what options do you have? If you accidentally delete some files you need recovered, do nothing! Shutdown your computer and contact us immediately. The less time your system is running after the deletion, the greater chance of recovering the missing files. If your hard drive has failed, depending on the point of failure, data recovery may require replacing the hard drives control board. For these circumstances we have a partner lab that we can ship your hard drive to, on your behalf.